“Land” – The Land of Wisdom, for the Benefits and Happiness of Mankind Minerals attribute to soil fertility. 

Mahidol University has accumulated ‘minerals’ from past to the present time.

The exhibition focuses on Mahidol University’s history and achievements with the atmosphere suggesting a land of fertility and abundant crops comparable to outstanding and constant achievements made by the Mahidol community.

The exhibition occupies the second and third floors of the Learning Centre. The seven Organizational Culture Bases occupying the space in the middle of the room on the second floor are equipped with a horizontal VDO system featuring the letters M-A-H-I-D-O-L for Mahidol Community’s core value, whereby each base represents the specific meaning of the letter (for example, M = Mastery). The columns on both sides feature VDO presentation of significant achievements which are the source of pride to the community.

Exhibition on the third floor features multimedia presentation (still and moving pictures, audio media, description and exhibits) of the history of the university’s development through different periods. Design highlight lies in the visitors’ ability to play a part in recounting the history of Mahidol University with the help of computer software.

All of student and staff who interested can join.
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