HRH the Prince Father’s Biography Gallery

The gallery is divided by content into 7 zones.

Zone 1: Wisdom of the Land
HRH the Prince Father is portrayed as the model of wisdom of the land through his speeches and words of advice along with activities meant for the benefits of mankind.

Zone 2: ‘Chao Fa’ of the Land
The exhibition focuses on HRH the Prince Father’s concise biography starting from his birth to his death along with Thai society in the global context during 1892 – 1929, the arrival of Western civilization, the period of colonialism and the humanistic view which had direct impact on the Prince’s perception and personality.

Zone 3: The Traveler Prince
The focus is on the Prince’s multiple trips, both in Thailand and abroad, which gave him the opportunity to witness the country and people’s way of living. His experiences and knowledge were portrayed through art works. Also displayed are the words of advice he gave to Thai students.

Zone 4: The Light of Wisdom
The exhibition focuses on the Prince’s educational activities, his determination to create quality human resource, his financial support for education and the royal-sponsored scholarships.

Zone 5: Medical Treatment Rendered with Affection
The focus is on HRH the Prince Father’s medical and public health activities and the medical treatment based on the principle of genuine care, both mental and physical. This and the fact that he never regarded himself as a high-ranking royalty made him a beloved person among the people.

Zone 6: Kanphai Mahidol
The exhibition focuses on the prince’s beneficial activities which have brought about progress and prosperity to Thai society, be they in the areas of medicine and public health, education or other academic fields.

Zone 7: Taking Roots in the Land
The focus here is on the efforts to uphold and continue the works initiated by HRH the Prince Father as well as tributes to him on various occasions.

All of student and staff who interested can join.
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